Artist Development For Musicians and Actors


Artist development covers everything a band or artist needs to build their career, from vocal coaching, image and branding through to music industry business training. Music Gateway offers Ignite, Accelerate and Lift Off programmes.


Great songs are key, and the axis around which all other aspects of Artist Development revolve. They should have commercial appeal and a specific music niche.


Artist development programs are a way for musicians to polish up on all aspects of their craft. They can help them focus on vocal training, image and branding, music production, and even performance. Many of these programs are run by industry professionals and offer one-on-one advice to ensure the success of the artists they work with.

While the world of music is still full of stars who grew up on stage and into their superstar status, it is also home to many self-starters. They take their own artist development into their hands and create a path for themselves that might look more like the Alphabet Moonshot company than the typical record exec model.

For a musician, this might involve creating a brand for themselves, or finding a coach to guide them. They might want to learn how to manage their own finances, or find a lawyer who specializes in entertainment law to handle the paperwork for them. It could mean registering their songs with the copyright office and enrolling in the Performance Rights Associations (BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC) so they get paid when their music is used on television and in some public places.

This might also involve fine-tuning their live show and growing a following on social media, or finding ways to promote their music online. And, of course, they need to make sure they have quality recordings of their music.


Singers may need a range of development services, depending on their goals. These might include vocal coaching, general performance skills including choreography and microphone technique, song/블로그상위노출 lyric writing, music industry business training, social media management and more. Many artist development companies have packages that focus on one or more of these aspects, but some also offer a more ongoing and bespoke approach.

If you want to become a better singer, it’s worth investing in some professional lessons to help you improve your performance and increase the chances of landing a record deal. Whether that’s with an individual coach or through a group workshop, you’ll get the most out of your time if you have a plan in place beforehand.

Developing your image is also an important aspect of being a successful performer. You’ll need to develop a clear and consistent image that conveys the right message about your music. This might involve a mood board or brainstorming session to figure out who you are and what you stand for.

In the days when labels ran the music world, artists usually got all of their development after getting signed. But we aren’t in those times anymore, and independent musicians need to be able to budget for this kind of development themselves. The best way to do that is to invest in the right artist development company.


Actors use speech, movement and expression to bring characters to life in theatre, film or television. They are responsible for a number of duties including performing, promoting the production and working with other creative professionals such as directors, producers and writers to develop inspired and original works of art. Actors are an essential part of the entertainment industry and their work often impacts society in a positive way.

A good artist manager will provide the tools and guidance necessary to advance an artist’s career. This can include helping the artist to create a portfolio of promotional materials, booking meetings, developing a network of contacts and taking voice/instrument or acting lessons. An ARM will also help the artist to establish a business plan and to set professional goals.

Artist development programs are essential for all performers, but especially for minority artists and those who are disabled, older or women. These programs are designed to address the underrepresentation of these groups in the arts and help them build their artistic, professional and personal potential. A successful career in the arts requires a high level of performance and a strong commitment to learning. Artists need to be able to meet the challenges of their profession and be confident in their ability to achieve success in a competitive field. Artists need to feel supported and nurtured by their peers, and be able to take risks in order to create new works of art.


Actresses who are pursuing a career in performing arts must develop not only their performance skills but also their overall skill set. This includes a solid acting foundation, singing and dance training to help drive the narrative of their production forward, and a strong social media presence to build their audience. It’s also important for actresses to work with voice and instrument teachers, take acting lessons to improve stage presence and to learn the lingo of the business to grow as a complete talent who is ready to rise to their level of success.

Whether you are an artist who is considering auditioning for shows like The Voice, America’s Got Talent or a national or international tour, or you are just looking to get ahead in the game, artist development is your best investment! At Septien, we will evaluate your music and stage performance, your website, EPK, log and merch design (if applicable) to help you refine your skills and define your brand.

You will receive evaluation in written form or, for an additional fee, you can participate in a 75 minute SKYPE evaluation call with Linda Septien and our expert team! We’ve helped artists who have appeared on The Voice, AGT, AMERICAN IDOL, toured internationally, recorded and released their music, shot their lyric video or behind the scenes video, gained key insight to artist branding and marketing and more.