People Search Detective Agency

People search detective agency is a service that helps clients locate missing persons. They also conduct adoption searches to reunite birth mothers and their children. They can also investigate crimes like infidelity, assets investigation, and fraud investigations.


It is important to hire a private investigator with experience and professionalism. Ensure that they have practices in place to keep your case confidential.

Gross Investigation Bureau

When it comes to hiring a private investigator, finding one with the right skills and ethics is essential. The Gross Investigation Bureau is a New York City-based firm that has been in business for over 20 years and built a reputation for leaving clients satisfied. Its team of professionals offers a variety of services, including forensic investigations, surveillance, and background checks.

This company is a leading provider of investigative services to the legal industry. Its experts include certified polygraph examiners, private detectives, engineers, and electronics technicians. Their goal is to provide quality information research, collection, and analysis. They also offer a wide range of services for corporations and individuals. These include surveillance, witness interviews, forensics, and missing person, relationship, background, and incident investigations.

This firm is a people search detective agency with offices in New York City and Long Island. They are licensed, bonded and insured. Their team of private investigators handles cases such as cheating spouses, child support, and property liens. They use various methods to find a person, such as searching public records, social media, and professional networking sites. They also collaborate with other law enforcement agencies. Some of these methods may violate privacy laws and ethical considerations. These firms are best suited for criminal cases, as they have access to the most extensive databases and can locate the people you are looking for quickly.

TIO Square Inc.

TIO Square Inc is a licensed private detective and technology company in Queens. The firm’s professionals have years of experience in investigating cases involving insurance fraud and other types of criminal activity. They also provide forensic services, background checks, and other investigative intelligence for clients of all sizes. Their professional network includes law firms and corporate entities.

Unlike many other search agencies, TIO Square uses multiple data sources and real-time credit bureau data to locate people quickly. Its skip tracing and locate services are assisted by the use of updated information, which allows it to anticipate where the subject might go next.

Paramount Investigative

With the increasing demand for private investigation services, a number of firms have emerged. Some of them are reputed to provide high-quality investigative services. These companies offer services such as background checks, investigations of life partner and missing person cases. They also conduct polygraph/lie detection tests and other security measures. These companies can be found on the internet and are available for hire at competitive prices.

For Los Angeles residents, attorneys and businesses seeking professional investigatory services, it’s imperative to carefully evaluate an investigator’s experience, proficiency and reputation. Licensed investigation firms are bound to adhere to strict legal compliance, confidentiality and professionalism. With the large number of detectives available, choosing a suitable investigator for your case can be difficult.

The expert team of investigators at Paramount Investigative Services is highly regarded by clients and peers. They have years of experience and expertise in a wide range of areas including TSCM debugging, domestic and corporate surveillance, infidelity investigations and more. The company’s highly qualified staff is committed to delivering results on time and within budget.

Paramount’s missing persons and witness location services are fast, accurate and discreet. They use skip-trace experts and proprietary databases to locate individuals quickly – anywhere in the state of California. They’ve helped clients find children, lost loves and relatives who disappeared upwards of 50 years ago. Their work has been featured on countless national media platforms, including Access Hollywood and Buzzfeed.

Tristar Investigation

For over 30 years, Tristar Investigation has been helping clients find missing people and providing other investigative services. Its detectives have law enforcement experience and are highly qualified to investigate insurance fraud, background checks, child custody investigations, infidelity cases, and more. The company also provides subpoena services and helps clients locate assets. Its business model is based on customer satisfaction and a client-centric approach.

The company has been ranked as the best private investigator in Los Angeles. The company is also a member of the California Association of Licensed Investigators and World Association of Detectives, Inc. Its investigators are a dedicated team of professionals who work hard to get the job done. They specialize in workers’ compensation and infidelity cases. Their investigators have high personal moral character and professional work ethics.

In addition to people search, Tristar Investigation is a private firm that offers several other services, including skip tracing. Its private investigators use the latest technology to conduct searches and analyze data. They also help businesses with pre-employment screening and handle comprehensive financial investigations. They are known for their accuracy and dedication to their clients.

Many cases grow cold without being solved by police. Some are too unorthodox for the authorities, while others may be too sensitive to be investigated by the police. That is when a private detective can come in handy.