Secret Missions in Devil May Cry 5

광주흥신소 Top-secret information is classified and can’t be disclosed. It might be the recipe for fried chicken at your favorite fast food restaurant or a new way to defeat a certain enemy in your favourite game.


Players activate a secret mission by pressing their codex to a special check-in kiosk. A digital narrative then begins, introducing them to a mission’s objective.

1. Secret Mission 3: Underground

When you enter the area where a bunch of Knights and a Nelo Angelo are, destroy the bulbs in the back to trigger a secret mission. This one is pretty easy as long as you’ve got Devil Trigger and a lot of health.

This one is found during Mission 2 when playing as Nero. After you’re taught the Nidhogg Hatchling, tendrils will erupt out of a mural building and force you into a bedroom. Summon Nightmare here and destroy the wall to unlock this secret mission.

2. Secret Mission 4: Sewers

Challenge: Eliminate the Red Empusas without letting any escape. This secret mission can be found during mission 3 for Nero. Once you reach the stairwell with the floating 광주흥신소 Grim Grip descend to the bottom level, stand in the doorway and look up at the roof to spot the markings.

This one requires you to use Devil Trigger and Griffon. With a lot of enemies swarming, it can be difficult to avoid damage. However, you can use the Trickster air dash to close gaps, and summon Nightmare for extra help if necessary.

3. Secret Mission 5: Water Cell

After defeating all the lizard demons in the arena fight, look for a hole in the wall to your left. Jump down here and search for a ledge that crumbles away, it should have a red orb stem on it.

Drop down this ledge and enter the little cave to start your final secret mission. This one requires some platforming as you must collect a set amount of red orbs in a given timeframe. Use Trickster to air dash around and close the gap between ledges to speed things up.

4. Secret Mission 6: Wandering Ghosts

After you fight your way through the first arena in mission 14 you will come to a part of the level where tentacles burst out of the walls. Drop down to the ledge above the second upwards lava waterfall and look at it to trigger this secret mission.

Fight through the streets and summon Nightmare to break a wall blocker. Then walk up the stairs at the rear and look over the ledge to line up a devilish inscription. Complete the challenge without taking damage. It should be easy with Gerbera, especially if you’re using it to glide.

5. Secret Mission 7: Water Cell

One of the harder Secret Missions, this involves destroying a Sin Scissors with ground-based attacks when it is not guarding. This can be difficult as the enemy is extremely dangerous and has a tendency to attack when you least expect it.

During the first part of this mission, look up as you’re riding a tongue elevator and spot a small area with scaffolding. Summon Nightmare to destroy the roots blocking this area and access a blue Fragment. This is a timed event, so it will disappear if you fail to complete it in the allotted amount of time.

6. Secret Mission 8: Treasure of the Reaper

This tricky rocket platforming secret mission can be a bit tricky to locate. In order to activate it, you must line up a devilish inscription.

To find this one, play through mission 8 as Dante and fight your way down to the area where you unlock a new path with tentacles blocking it. Once you clear this, look down and see a small blood sac on a ledge. Jump up, use Trickster to close the gap and obtain the blue orb fragment. This also completes the challenge for it.

7. Secret Mission 9: Stairway of Tranquility

Location: During mission nine you will come across a room that has stairs blocked by Qliphoth roots. Summon Nightmare to cut them away, then look up and a glyph will appear.

To complete this secret mission you will need to collect a set amount of red orbs within a time limit. It is one of the most finicky rocket platforming missions in the game and will require patience and practice. Completing this will unlock the Blue Orb fragment.

8. Secret Mission 10: Guiding Light

In Mission 16 with Dante, after you’ve fought a bunch of enemies in the arena, there will be scaffolding blocking a doorway. This is where the last secret mission in Devil May Cry 5 is located.

Call on Nightmare to destroy the scaffolding and use his promotion ability to keep him from taking damage while you break through. Enter the doorway to trigger the secret mission. You’ll receive a Blue Orb Fragment for finishing it.

9. Secret Mission 11: On Pins and Needles

Again this secret mission is a time challenge. You need to make it to the end of this rocket platforming gauntlet in a certain amount of time. Activate Devil Trigger, boost both Griffon and Shadow with excess gauge, and go all out.

You’ll find this one in Mission 15. Fight your way to the divine statue shop and look behind it for a path you can access through a jump puzzle gauntlet using the Punch Line arm for Nero. Destroy the blood roots blocking the way and look up at the ceiling to see the secret mission markings.

10. Secret Mission 12: Final Ascension

While the gameplay isn’t the most beautiful in the world, the damage animations look nice and there’s some good design in things like the different reload and magazine animations for guns.

During Mission 15, as Nero, after you fight the flying demons at the blood fountain statue look down and spot a sac on the ledge, jump down and look for a red orb stem on another platform to find this secret mission.

It’s fairly easy to locate. You’ll know when you see it. The rest is up to you and your jumping skills.